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Lady Killa 




Lady Killa Airsoft is a tactically-inspired brand created by Canadian "slaydie" Tina (aka. Lady K), in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The brand reflects her personal and Airsofter load-out style, which also aims to create and inspire "do-it-yourself" projects, as well as women airsofters and entrepreneurs worldwide.

The brand's specialty and luxurious, tactical slings, have also been celebrated worldwide, and have received an increase in demand for their creation, durability, and longevity, since the brand's creation one-year ago. 

Order your custom #LADYK sling in 5    steps!

1.Pick your style

Do you want a 1, 2 or 3-point style sling?

2. Pick your knot 

Pick a knot style from our gallery or submit a custom knot.

3.Choose your colours

Pick one or multiple colours to incorporate in your sling.

4.Choose your accessories

Add a quick release buckle or custom name tag to your sling.


HANG TIGHT for your custom sling!

In need of a new gun tech?!

Introducing T-Tech

Your trusted gun technician

With over 10 years of experience in the Airsoft Industry, T-tech has been operating as an apprentice of Witch Doctor Tactical, with several high-end gun builds under his belt. 

With his Airsoft and product knowledge, T-tech ensures a quality build & quality performance for your gun and custom-build.


T-tech specializes in:

- VFC, Krytac & G&P rifles

- Glock & Hi-Capa pistols


For more information on T-tech services, email t.luciano87@gmail.com


Get 10% off your teams order!! 

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